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ODIN Advisory Councils and Executive Steering Committees

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 Bernnett Reinke            Lila Pedersen                  Frank D’Andraia                       Phyllis Bratton                Dennis Page                   


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                Wilbur Stolt                                  Lillian Crook  *                       Tim Dirks                                      Rita Ennen



               1991-1995           Bernnett Reinke, Dickinson State University

               1995-1999           Lila Pedersen, UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences

               1999-2000           Frank D’Andraia, UND Chester Fritz Library

               2000                     Phyllis Bratton (Interim), University of Jamestown

               2000-2004           Dennis Page, Grand Forks Public Library

               2004-2008           Wilbur Stolt, UND Chester Fritz Library

               2008                     Lillian Crook, Dickinson State University (voted in, retired before serving as Chair)

               2008-2011           Wilbur Stolt, UND Chester Fritz library

               2011-2015           Tim Dirks, Fargo Public Library

               2015-2019           Rita Ennen, Dickinson Area Public Library


The ODIN Advisory Council advises ODIN about library issues, ideas on the direction ODIN should take and how to pay for special implementations.  Membership includes a representative from each ODIN library and has an elected chair.  As we transition to two new systems in 2019, we’ll be looking at which policies & documents need to be updated to keep ODIN current & relevant.


Through the years, the individuals listed above were ODIN Advisory Council Chairs who have guided the council through various critical issues.  They offered their expertise and time to benefit ODIN libraries in North Dakota.  The Council usually meets at least twice a year and more often if issues arise.  User Groups and Work Groups also offer expertise to the Council on various matters concerning functional areas of current software.




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         Representing                 Representing             Representing                 Representing      Member-at-Large ND State Librarian     Advisory Council

     Research libraries         Research libraries       Public libraries                School libraries     Phyllis Bratton      Mary Soucie             Chair Rita Ennen

           Joe Mocnik              Stephanie Walker        Wendy Wendt                Susan Moberg    


The ODIN Executive Steering Committee was established in 2017.  They make recommendations on initiatives, priorities, and policies/procedures to the ODIN Advisory Council with consideration of the alignment of resources with those recommendations.  Voting members are elected to the committee, except for the ND State Librarian and ODIN Advisory Council Chair (who are members because of position) and usually meet once/quarter. Non-voting members include the Director of ODIN and ODIN Office staff.  Any ODIN member may provide information to the committee in an advisory position.


ODIN salutes & thanks all ODIN Advisory Council Chairs and the ODIN Executive Steering Committee who have guided ODIN’s presence in North Dakota and continue to chart future successes. 


* Photo of Lillian Crook copyrighted by Jim Fuglie and Lillian Crook