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TONY STUKEL – ODIN Director for 23 years (from 1994 – through 2017)

Tony Stukel's Retirement

Thank You.

Tony began working for ODIN in 1994 with only one staff member for administrative/library support and the ODIN Office itself had only been in operation for one year.  Tony is responsible for growing the ODIN Office into what it has evolved.  He also was instrumental in adding over 25 school libraries and 8 public libraries to the organization. 

Tony was an active participant in UPPOLLO (Upper Plains PALS OnLine Library Organization) which brought together directors, project managers and staff from around Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota & Wisconsin.  He continued to work with the UND Computer Center to ensure that ODIN used current technologies and sound procedures.  Tony had a unique sense of humor that he shared with everyone and always gave his all to each project he took on.  ODIN salutes & thanks TONY STUKEL.

Here are a few milestones from Tony’s twenty-three years:

  • Collaborated with Minitex to deliver online databases at an affordable price
  • Successfully transitioned the ODIN Office location in Grand Forks from the Chester Fritz Library to Leonard Hall and finally to the Information Technologies building
  • Established an ODIN web page presence
  • Initiated a rebasing of PALS software
  • Implemented DEPCON to successfully print information from PALS
  • Ensured ODIN had minimal downtime during the 1997 Grand Forks flood
  • Ushered the transition from x.25 network to TCP/IP for ODIN libraries
  • Guided the migration from PALS software to ALEPH software
  • Brought NDSU into ODIN when Aleph was implemented
  • Added 5 ODIN Office staff to handle increased technical support, training, documentation, web page, etc.
  • Expanded discovery and database content by installing Primo and SFX products from Ex Libris
  • Hired Mike Barnett as a consultant to ensure custom services, authority control and other projects had expertise help
  • Transitioned Aleph, Primo and SFX to an Ex Libris hosted environment
  • Ensured that Aleph Web ILL was successfully upgraded to Aleph ILL (in the client)
  • Solidified ODIN’s presence under the North Dakota University System, Core Technology Services umbrella
  • Tony retired September 15, 2017.  Ellen Kotrba assumed interim ODIN Director duties on September 16, 2017 and transitioned to ODIN Director on March 16, 2018.

Tony, thank you for your efforts & talents as you led ODIN for 23 years.  THANKS!