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Temporary Access to Additional Databases & e-Resources

Additional e-resources wil now be available statewide through the school year.

As schools and colleges and libraries transition to online operations, the need for e-resources grows.  Minitex has reached out to a number of vendors that have been involved in our statewide database selection process to provide temporary access to a broader range of databases for all libraries in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. 

Minitex Temporary Access Databases indicates resources that are available until June of 2020 in order to support libraries and schools in online teaching and learning. 

You’ll find preK-12 databases, large multidiscipinary collections, reference resources, and language learning tools. These are available to anyone in the three-state region at no cost on a temporary basis. 

Thank you very much to these vendors for their partnership and support of libraries in our region. And good luck to library staff and educators in this time of trial and change!