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30 Year Celebration - Grand Forks - June 4, 2019 On June 4, 2019 from 3-5pm, ODIN celebrated 30 years in Grand Forks with a celebration at the Information Technologies building where the ODIN Office is located.  Two more celebrations are scheduled for Bismarck (July 16) and West Fargo (NDLA Sept 26) – please watch for more information closer to each celebration.
TONY STUKEL – ODIN Director for 23 years (from 1994 – through 2017) Tony began working for ODIN in 1994 with only one staff member for administrative/library support and the ODIN Office itself had only been in operation for one year. Tony is responsible for growing the ODIN Office into what it has evolved. He also was instrumental in adding over 25 school libraries and 8 public libraries to the organization.
ODIN Advisory Councils and Executive Steering Committees The ODIN Advisory Council advises ODIN about library issues, ideas on the direction ODIN should take and how to pay for special implementations. The ODIN Executive Steering Committee was established in 2017. They make recommendations on initiatives, priorities, and policies/procedures to the ODIN Advisory Council with consideration of the alignment of resources with those recommendations.
FRANK SLATER – ODIN Founder / Guru / Mentor / Awesome Talent Frank Slater served as the first ODIN director and was instrumental in guiding the project in the early days.
SHELBY HARKEN – ODIN Automation Whisperer Thank You. Those two words emphasize what librarians across the state, and especially within ODIN, think about everything Shelby Harken has helped with, created, and put into motion – from the early days of ODIN and continuing through to present day. Her expertise in cataloging and discovery contributed to the success of each new system ODIN has launched.
ODIN reaches a major milestone – 30 years On February 2, 2019, ODIN turned 30 years young. A page has been setup ( http://www.odin.nodak.edu/30-years-odin ) to highlight key events in the history of ODIN as well as communicate upcoming events as they happen.